Louise Ellis

Originally from the Lakes District in England, made famous by Beatrix Potter with the character Peter Rabbit… as well as the awesome countryside. Altho she still misses home & her mum, she loves the weather Down Under.

Louise is English by birth and has always had a love of travel. She first left England for New Zealand over twenty years ago and has done her best to keep on going ever since! A bit like a rolling stone that gathers no moss!

Australia is now home and she is committed to keep on travelling this beautiful country and discovering all it has to offer.

She joined The Journeyman quite by accident really (literally met him on the streets of Bowral) & because of her love of travelling & Dogs & fell for Rose’s Staffy smile! She had never camped out as such & took to life on the road with Paul like a duck to water when travelling up The Birdsville Track…

IMGP3208 copy


She loved the simple camping, sleeping in the swag under the stars (although a tent would be great sometimes she said after being visited by dingoes on a lonely outback track)

Louise also cooks some awesome meals over the camp fire & has taught Paul many things to add to their Road Trip Recipes box of tricks! & together they have started their Glovebox Guide Series…

She’s also very handy with reading maps, getting a fire going soon as they pull up for camp & enjoys a beer with Paul in those many Outback Pubs they like to visit & swaps when he gets low!

She’s the perfect fit for Paul & The Journeyman TV concept & with that winning smile she is sure to please. Her love of Dogs is her real asset & with Lexi & Rose adoring her as their mum she is like the Pied Piper of the Outback…

The Journey Woman